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Having a fruit-tastical day

For lunch I wanted some oranges.So I cut up some oranges for myself and when I started to eat, I realized I could do a post about this so I started taking pictures of myself in the mirror and here they […]

Gotta Catch Up In, SCHOOL!!!

Now that I live in Barcelona it’s cool and all, BUT I still have to do my school work, which typically involves reading all day, which I really like, but I still do a little school work too. .And I had […]

I am Learning Photography TOO Fast For My Dad

My dad took me for a photo shoot walk so he could teach me to focus on something and then move the camera so the things that I focused on would be on the side or bottom of the picture […]

Photo Shoot at the Street Market

On Wednesday my dad and I went to the street market, but the guy that sold old keys we went to see was not there. So I just took some pictures of some other things. Here are the things. Boxes, […]

To Market With My Dad

My dad had to go to the market last night to buy some food for dinner and he brought me and my camera along with him. And here are some of the pictures that I took. Here are some big […]

An Introduction From Me to You

My name is Silas. I come from a family of six. I am the youngest of four, and I am 9 years old. My family is a blogging family. My Mom blogs at My Dads blogs at And […]

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